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while the shutter curtain is open, the strobe light

This is called multi-emitting function to emit light many times continuously.

It is a photograph that I played so by shooting.

Rather than synthetic, was shot by two or three times cooked strobe.

Photos of Ashura Man BLOG yesterday is also it.


It had come to take the Mikawa from Toyohashi.

I took a long time together.


I am getting better profusely recently.

I looks good reflexes.

Ashura Man HIROKI

I will take a mysterious photo.

Control it is difficult.

This something has got reflected in the corner.

When you up ...

This face ....

Ashura is the Man.

This face ....

Shops in the light of the hill months Okazaki City, Aichi Prefecture,
" ZAIN "

It has gone to.

Here are a variety of activities around Aichi Prefecture

Of painter JACK It is a shop of.

It opened in February.

Paint of Papillon to shop

It is very fashionable in this feeling inside.

What one point many, only goods that personality.

The interesting is when I have a description of goods in various ways,

There were a lot of things that you can sympathize.

It will do a lot Hanashikon Once noticed,

I had gotten rice unawares.

It was delicious. Was I'm done.

My JACK liked in picture drew

I purchased one because there was a thing.

It's decorated in the living room, but it is very nice I live there is a picture.

Well as some other photos of myself that I had taken to the photographer also other in their own homes

pictures that you have taken is Yes decorate lot.

When you decorate the room a simple favorite photos, etc. picture

It becomes cozy space really.

Try decorating pictures and photos to you give it a try.

And ZAIN Try carrying your feet by all means also.

This Soul BMX Magazine # 69 of

Flatland With that said rider featured a personality

Mr. Miyata GEORE MANOS and had taken up.

(Mm films) have taken nabeo to DVD (Appendix

Mr. Miyata I was not used the video of .... )


GEORE MANOS The rider of Greece

24-year-old in '10 riding history.

Mr. Miyata is a rider super personality as well.

Take a look at this video by all means. It is quite shocking.

I feel myself a very attractive in that it is original.

The core elements of the genre of freestyle

I think the original's still essential.

Once back home in the post this card ....

Councillor of Hachinohe

Fujikawa lily Although it is famous Mr. Toka,

(A fan)

No way, and there were like people in Ichikawa.

Or "Please contact us at any time if you have something" ....

I will love.

Namiki Maki 's also

But I was there Toka official website.

(It's the kind of era?)

Since put one vote,

Please change a city livable more Ichikawa all means.

Thank you very much in advance.

And Good luck.

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